Coach: Siri Lindley This amazing Lady was not only a winner of a short course World title, numerous World Cup wins, she also coached the 2010 & 2012 Hawaii Ironman World Champion. Siri started to be my coach since January 2012 – she entered the sport some years before I did and quickly became one of the best in her time!           My gutfeeling told me we would be a great team, she has such a great energy and it felt good right away. You can find more information about her on her website:   Advisor: Frank Senders Frank has coached and guided me from the year 2000 on, he does an amazing job. Frank is still a good friend and remains a good advisor for difficult decisions I have to make. He's always there for me and happy to give his honest opinion about what ever I have to ask. We have had some amazing years together and he always suported me in the things I wanted to do. He's a great coach and just a very good friend to have! Sports doctor: Guido Vroemen Guido is sportsarts and owner off the sportmedical advicecentrum (SMA) Amerongen, beside´s that he´s the official dokter off the NTB (Dutch Triathlon Federation). He also workes with different proffesional and amateur bikegroupe´s. At the SMA. Amerongen their are spescialized sportsfesissions all experienced with endurancesports, they can help you with all the medical and trainingside´s off your sport.He raced in different competitions for many years. More info abouth the SMA. Amerongen and Guido Vroemen you can find on:   Sports masseur: Anja de Groot Oosterwijk Anja is a NGS-diplomed sports massage therapist. She has a lot off experience in different massage techniques for over 10 years. When Yvonne is in the Netherlands Anja takes good care off her and her muscles. Anja is a massage therapist that works on different locations, so the customer can have his massage at home if he wants. You can reach Anja by telephone on 06 27471210 or by E-mail:  
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European & Dutch Champion Long Distance 2017 and 2019 worldrecord: 17 (Seventeen!) times Sub 9 hours