In collaboration with: Team Sirius Tri Club
Philosophy Coaching and teaching is something that come’s natural to our ”Vonsy“ (Yvonne’s nickname given by Siri), with her background, which include several sports-related qualifications, sports massage therapist, being a athlete her whole life and her 19 years of experience in the world of Triathlon she has a great base to develop herself as a great coach. Yvonne love’s speaking different languages and is fluent in Dutch, German and English.She has worked with both young and adult people and is eager to share her passion and knowledge with athletes that want to achieve their personal goals and help them on their path to make their dreams come true. Yvonne is married to Pro Triathlete Per van Vlerken, who has been swimming, biking and running since he was 7 years old. He’s also coached by Siri and is following his dream goal to win his first Ironman and improve on his 8.04 Personal best, to go under 8 hours in an iron distance race. Together they share the passion and lifestyle off Triathlon and combined it’s 45 years of experience in this beautiful sport. Yvonne will be coaching athletes in all distances of the sport from sprint to full Ironman races, duathlon, running a PB on your marathon, whatever it is that you want to accomplish, we can achieve this together! Yvonne and Per are based in Europe ( Germany, Austria and the Netherlands) and are Team Sirius Europe! More information about Yvonne’s carreer and results you’ll find here: