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Natasja Daniels - Coach
My interest in sports didn’t start until the age of 16. I started with squash, kickboxing and lifted weights with the guys. Bought a bike, started running and found my passion in endurance sport. The passion for cycling grew by the year, got myself a coach and entered the world of Granfondo’s. With several podium spots in single and multiday events, my interest grew not only in the sport, but also in the art of nutrition, strength training, gear, bikes and training overall. As I was also quite good in trailrunning with top ten spots in the Eiger trail and Matterhorn Ultraks, triatlon seemed the next step if it wasn’t for the swim part! At the age of 42 I couldn’t swim 25m crawl. And it was a bumpy road to where I’m now, so if there is anyone who knows how though this is, it’s me. My passion for sports grew so big that I decided to make a career switch. Started studying again and am now licensed as a personal-,strength-and mobility trainer and Ironman Certified Coach. In my search for answers why woman respond different to training as man, I heard about Dr. Stacy Sims. She is an authority in the female athlete and author of ”Roar, woman are not small men”. This was an eye opener for me and I didn’t hesitate a minute when she started to teach about the female athlete. After finishing her second course “Menopause for athletes” I feel I have the knowledge to train woman of all ages on a different level than before. I may not be a pro athlete, but I’m an Ironman, finished multiple 70.3 events with podium spots, Belgian title in Duatlon,… but most of all I have a lot of life experience, know what it is to be an age-grouper and how to combine work with training, have had different coaches over the years (including Trisutto and Yvonne Van Vlerken) and learned from all off them. I believe my passion, my knowledge and my experience are my strongest assets to make you a better athlete. As a bonus you will be part of the amazing Team Sirius family and as we say, it’s not just swim-bike-run, it’s who you become!