Freedom...... The following story was written by me a couple of weeks ago, it started like this... (please read further) but since then the title got a whole different meaning..... A different story here then normally, which came up in my thoughts while lying in bed and feeling a weird feeling which I couldn’t really put in to place. My thoughts drifted away and I wasn’t able to fall a sleep for many hours, watching the images and experiences over the pasts year drifting by. I can’t even really put my finger on when it all started, I think it must have been the year 2005 where I became ITU Duathlon WORLD Champion. NADA ( national anti doping authority's), ADAM’s ( the administration part/ platform where to enter your data), they we’re both new words for me. Of course I’ve been drug tested in the years prior to this, at events where I performed well, but from that moment on my life, as every other Professional Athlete would change a bit! Being part of the testing pool was kind of a reward for performing well and belonging to the best in our sport. So from this day on, every single day, I would have a time slot where I had to be available at home or where ever, for drug testing, as most of us athletes. I’ve always picked a evening time frame at home from 20:00-21:00 or in some cases 21:00- 22:00 . Meaning I had to be home at that time. The feeling that overcame me lately, lying in bed and over thinking stuff, was the feeling of freedom. This may sound stupid, but see it this way and yes I know I’m a bit weird, but the last 15 years I’ve always been aware of the time and when we could maybe get a visit, just a little example, when watching a movie on the couch and having to pee at 20:45.... I would not go, as I could be tested and when I pee now, I won’t be able to go for several hours. I hear you laughing, but these thoughts and actions we’re just a part of my life, as for example missing out on social things, or maybe I used my test hour as a excuse, which came in handy most of the time, I will leave this open. Going out for dinner with friends or family, but always have that eye on the clock as you have to be home by that time. I understand and hear you thinking, why didn’t you put your time slot over the day, well this would keep me grounded at home where I maybe wanted to go and train or what ever, this was the easiest and to be honest I’ve never missed one due to this, as 9 out of 10 times the testing people really came within my time frame.
European & Dutch Champion Long Distance 2017 and 2019 worldrecord:17 (Seventeen!) times Sub 9 hours