Thank you and farwell Long distance racing, you have been my absolute all and everything for the past 20 years, ever since I saw these hero’s racing Almere 20 years back. My dreams of Triathlon and especially long distance racing, all started in the Netherlands on those famous Dutch dyke’s. I raced my first Long distance in Challenge Roth in 2007 and won.... I was more then ready  and so hungry to see what I could do. Almere would follow 2 months later and the further story is known by most of you. Last weekend I raced my 45th long distance event and with that this story and this chapter in my life come’s to a end. It’s hard to put in words what this sport and particular long distance racing has given me, has changed me as a athlete and human being. Each of these IM or Challenge races has her own story, has been a result of hard work and determination. But all good things have a end and for me it’s time to close this chapter. I decided to have my last and fair well race at Challenge Almere- Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where it all began, it feels good and leaves me in peace, so for all of you that ask me if this was really the last one, then YES it is. I did it, I won again, am European Champion, another Dutch Champion title in the books and also went bellow 9 hours for a 17th time (so the new world record now stands at 17 sub 9 hours). There’s no better way how I could have done my last FULL. I will never forget this day, it was a emotional roller coaster. I’m so thankful that almost all the people that are important for, me joined me in Almere for my final dance.
European & Dutch Champion Long Distance 2017 and 2019 worldrecord:17 (Seventeen!) times Sub 9 hours