November 2017
European & Dutch Champion Long Distance 2017 and worldrecord: 14 (Fourteen!) times Sub 9 hours
It has been a while… It has been a while since I wrote an update, normally that means 1, I was lazy, or 2, I have scheduled so much races and traveling that I have just been to busy. In this case is was for sure not number 1. After winning IM Barcelona and racing Challenge Mallorca (the last one very tired) it has been a bit quiet, but I have been running around and there’s just so much fun stuff going on. Did I by the way tell you guys that arriving home from Barcelona, Per had the best surprise ever for me, he asked me to be his wife and off course I said YES! Just to mention one off those things that has been going on and I just forgot to write about that in my last newsletter :-) So after that what came next...... We flew to Italy to beautiful Sardinia to race the Challenge Forte Village Sardinia ( I had hoped to be rested by now, but just wasn’t and didn’t race up to my potential which meant that my butt got kicked and I even fell of the stage and ended up getting 4th. You can’t have it all and I totally understand that my body just let me down for this time. It’s all good, no worries, at the end my 4th place was enough to win the overall European ranking and take home the big Bonus from Challenge family, which I mentioned in my previous newsletter. Sardinia was amazing, I truly recommend this race to everyone that’s looking for a great way to end the European season.