May 2018
European & Dutch Champion Long Distance 2017 and worldrecord: 14 (Fourteen!) times Sub 9 hours
Queen of Challenge Riccione :-) Two weeks after my last race and it was time to let the racing horse play again. This time in Italy the land of amazing pizza’s and even greater ice cream. This years edition was changed from Challenge Rimini to Challenge Riccione ( , after many years the race moved a couple of kilometers further and I have to say the new location is great. The swim course stayed similar, always a bit of a bumpy one in this see, the bike course stayed the same, a very hard, beautiful 90 km with amazing scenery. The bike course has lot’s of altitude meters which I totally like. The streets in Italy are not always the best one’s but when you pay a bit more attention then normal it’s all good. The run course was a 3 loop course true town, lot’s of spectators and just a very fun run to do. I’ve just gone true a ton of pictures and it’s no joke, I only have smiling one’s :-) It’s always nice to hear your name a lot of times, it kind of pushes you a bit extra. The whole long weekend in Italy was a ton of fun, we had a fun bunch of people from the Skinfit racing team which also included my swim training partner and friend Bianca Steurer. Markus Wöllner a trainings & team buddy from Leipzig from my boyfriend and myself. Lot’s of good pizza and some great ice cream, a very well organized event, a good result and you got a smile on my face that won’t disappear this week. So both Bianca and me had a good and strong race and we finished 1st and 3rd, I tell you we had a happy 7 hour drive back home the day after :-) A little stop at a freezing lake to put our legs in on the way, which wasn’t my idea but was a good one. So another win, I take it, this race wasn’t as perfect as the one at Challenge Gran Canaria but it was still a good one and I’m very happy to be Queen of Riccione :-)