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November 2016-2
Ironman Arizona make’s a wrap for 2016.  
Sitting in the plane back home while writing this. Ironman Arizona is a couple of days ago and I can’t tell you how happy I am that we  made the decision to ad this race as a dessert for the 2016 season. 2016 has once again been a amazing season with many highs and hardly any lows.   Consistency, this is the word that’s written all over my last couple of seasons, but well after being in this sport so long, it’s kind of time that you have figured out this game, isn’t it! But all in all, you will still gain knowledge and new experiences on this path and this last Ironman wasn’t a exception. People that know me, have figured out that I plan everything as precise as possible, I try to do everything as perfect as I can most of the time and especial leading up to a long distance race, it’s all about doing all the little bit and pieces perfectly, every single day, every single minute and with all I do. But sometimes you see yourself invest and taking, what you think it the absolute perfect path and then not hing coma's out, like Hawaii this year. So where am I heading to with writing all this, well Ironman Arizona was all other then doing everything perfect. For once we didn’t prepare in my usual way, we we’re at home, just doing „some“ training and when I say some, this means I really didn’t train a lot. I pushed myself in my swims, every single day, gave it my very best, but to be honest, my bike rides we’re not of this kind. I enjoyed most rides on my road bike, didn’t really do my intervals as I should do and was just enjoying riding my favorite loops, oyeah and for those who want to know, I did 1, yes correct 1 long ride only on my road bike off 4,5 hours ;-) The weather was a challenge and I can’t remember the last time in the past years that I have done IM training in 2 C and snow on the mountains. As I’m never sick, I didn’t get sick either, there was 1 single day that I felt slightly off and this resulted in me staying in bed stubbornly with a good book and my stuffed animals, just enjoying a lazy day instead of going out for my one and only long run that we had scheduled fort his IM. Yes you are reading correct, I did NOT do a long run before this race, the longest was probably 80-90 minutes. I do admit that this made me nervous but I kept telling me that all the work is done, I have raced so much, it’s all about what's left in the tank and I do not need any training to do a solid IM.