April 2019
European & Dutch Champion Long Distance 2017 and worldrecord: 16 (Sixteen!) times Sub 9 hours
March & April have been all about running.... I know that the Triathlon season is coming up and with Challenge Cancun in less then two weeks to go, I’m kind of freaking out as I have so less time to get my swim, bike combo to “work”:-) I have always wanted to run a single marathon, so because of this I decidedI would run a but more, instead of 5-6 weekly trips to the pool, it was only 2 or 3 the last 2 months. The same counts for the bike, I’ve never ridden so less as in the last months, that was also due to us being home in Leipzigand Austria a lot, for the first time we didn’t have a 2 months build up in some nice warm country. We decided we wanted to be home and enjoy that, the past years we havebeen away so much and with me not doing a long course event this year, I was happy to stay at home as I’m not doing 5- 6 hour bike rides. My husband Per like’s to ride on the trainer inside, as he’s doing Challenge Taiwan full distance in two weeks time, he did almost all his long rides inside, he’s truly my champion, I couldn’t do it and to be honest I only biked 2-3 times a week......I had some great run weeks with my biggest being 170 kilometers, all together my preparation was about 10 weeks, sadly enough including 1 week being very ill due to the flu, this costet me a lot andas all people that are ill, I felt very sorry for myself :-) I feel very lucky to be very healthy most of the time. 3 weeks before my marathon I ran a 1/2 marathon, the Rhylauf in Switzerland, I had a nice battle with a Swiss marathon runner, at the end I was able to win with 2 seconds, my time off 1.20 was the slowest since many years and I wasn’t very happy with that, maybe the though head winds and the not so rested legs we’re the problem.
After that I had some sponsor stuff going on and also enjoyed some family time with my mum and auntie visiting me in Austria. They totally fell in love with Vorarlberg and my apartment ( which by the way you can rent when I’m not there true Airbnb or true me directly :-) ) I then visited the head office of Bartec in Germany, followed by there department in the Netherlands, saw my friends in the Netherlands, met my Dutch athlete Cathelijne that has joined Team Sirius Europe and had a good time.