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August 2016
Challenge Time: Vonsy’s Northern Double
I just knew this was a great idea, „Vonsy’s Northern Double“!The combined races of Challenge Fredericia/Denmark & Challenge Turku/ Finland.  Two back to back races, two weekends of fun and not to forget 11 days of traveling in two beautiful country’s Denmark & Finland. First Stop Challenge Fredericia/Denmark on August 6. Fredericia a town with great memories when I raced there 3 times at ITU races in the past, the most memorial one of them my World Champion Title ITU Duathlon Long Distance. How convenient that Billund a city close by has a great airport where you can fly to, made the travel to the event so easy! Even more convenient that the indoor pool was located besides the Hotel, which Triathlete doesn’t love this? Friends of us stayed in the same Hotel for the race as well, was great to catch up and spend time with them, thanks Frankie & Ed! Fredericia is a very cute town and the people have so much warmth and enthusiasm for events like this. Almost 10.000 people at the swim start, it was just amazing. The days before we had dolphins on the course and also in the race, the fastest athletes, like me honey Per, witnessed this cute friend under them, how awesome is this. So good news for those who don’t want to travel to Hawaii, just go to Denmark ;-)! The race was very well organized, the Pro Panel was the best ever, commentated by no other then Michelle Vesterbee, this should say enough itself, what a fun it was!The race itself saw a ok swim for me, but still 1.40 down off the lead. On the bike I felt very good and managed to almost close this gap at km. 15, I could see her and a little group riding in front of me, sadly enough between them and me a little car with two very old people got between us and in the coming, very technical and narrow loop, I last a lot off time, I couldn’t overtake them. This one stupid thing was the 1st of many, true different reasons, that include me riding wrong twice ;-( I had a repeat of this ritual 3 times. It’s like holding a ice-cream in front of a kid and then running away with it. I closed the gap down to less then 30 sec.’s 3 times and all 3 times stuff happened, it just wasn’t going to be my day. The bike course is a very nice one, taking you true beautiful parts of this area. The run course has everything in it,  the nicest parts are probably running besides the see and beaches and running true the City with so much spectators, the venue is truly awesome. Again it wasn’t my day, I got a penalty on the run.... for what, you may ask? Well till up to today I can’t tell you, as nobody knows. I didn’t know I was so good in cursing in English, I’m very sorry I wasn’t very professional, but I’m just passionate about my job.