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October 2016
Hawaii before, during & after.
It’s more then a week ago that I raced the IM World Championships fort he 7th time in my carreer. Looking back to my first race on the island in 2008, it gives me a big smile on my face, great memories of that amazing 2nd place. You do see that more often, people that race in Kona/Hawaii for there début do really well, it must be something magical from the island. Kona/Hawaii for me has many mixed feelings, very happy ones as in 2008 or in 2013 (4th place ) but also very bad ones personally and sports wise. as well with some DNF'ses. It’s not for nothing that people say it’s the hardest Ironman in the  world, I truly find that correct.   So for this 2016 edition I wanted to do everything perfect, I skipt many races that I really love doing as Challenge Walchsee, Ironman 70.3 Rügen, Transvorarlberg etc, giving no energy away and having total focus on this years Kona. My partner and me we’re so lucky that we got the chance to do a almost 5 week training camp in Boulder/Colorado with my coach Siri Lindley , she by the way just brought out her own book and it’s a great one I tell you, find out more about it and you can also order one here: https://siri-lindley.com/shop-2/ . Our Training camp was one off the best I have ever had and all 3 disciplines we’re showing great things ahead. We for sure did everything right and this made me so ready, rested and in amazing shape.   So how did the race in Kona unfold? Well not as I hoped and dreamed of this whole year, it started out very good, so still full of dreams after the 1st discipline. This was my best swim ever in Kona, even leading a big chase group with contained several girls that all swim way faster then me normally. Well Coach had told me I was swimming  really good and she was right.  Swimming a 57 min. is a bit of a different story then my 1.08 from 2008 ;-) So once again , to all slower swimmers who may read this, there is hope for better times
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