December 2017
European & Dutch Champion Long Distance 2017 and worldrecord: 14 (Fourteen!) times Sub 9 hours
Farewell 2017 & Hello and bring on 2018! While writing this I have said farewell to my kangaroo friends, my beloved Aussie family and have embraced the beauty and smell off Australia one more time. Australia is such a beautiful country, so different then others in so many ways, only the smell of this country is one of it’s kind, I can’t explain or describe the scent, it’s just overwhelming and so lovely every single time you come off the plane and get out of the airport, it’s just....... Well just Australia :-) Still this country is far away and you never know if you will step on this soil again and to be honest after giving IM Western Australia a 3rd change, you know, I strongly believe in “all good things are 3!”, I just don’t know if I will be back. IM Busselton is a amazing event, I truly think for example that this swim course is the most awesome swim on the circuit, where else then here do you get to share your course with sharks and other beautiful fish... Lol :-) Let’s just take it from the funny site, it is the very truth and for the same reason this year we saw the swim cancelled as it wasn’t “safe”. I will make this race report very short as I’m still disappointed with the outcome. So swim cancelled, heat wave meant 35 C after a lovely cool week in Perth with 25 C and a still slightly tired Vonsy, even when I really tried to gather all my last energy for this IM. So I did feel great before the race but several circumstances including getting totally dehydrated in the first stages off the race, where just to much to handle for my body that has given me so much true the year.