October 2018
European & Dutch Champion Long Distance 2017 and worldrecord: 16 (Sixteen!) times Sub 9 hours
So that’s a wrap, IM Barcelona is now a week ago and I have announced that this IM will be my last long distance IM for a while. This was number 44, so yes reading correct I put my hart and soul in 44 times 3,8 km swim, 180 km bike and a marathon. I won’t say this was my last, but for now, my body deserves a brake from the full distance. I’ve been so lucky that my body kept up with all I asked her to do, no injuries and sooooooo many races. From the 44 IM’s I won 17 of them and went bellow 9 hours 16 times.After winning Challenge Almere in September and having another good race, my thoughts we’re, maybe you should leave it with that and respect your body, just give her a rest, that she so deserves. I had scheduled IM Barcelona and decided that I would ad this one as IM Barcelona is just such a fun race to do and there we’re many reasons to do it again, try to defend my title, be in the race together with the German Superstar Laura Phillip, who would have her rookie IM debut , my husband Per would race as well and my friends Dani & Jessie would fly in. The ocean swim is lovely but come race morning it felt like swimming in a washing machine, waves and choppy water made for a challenging swim, but most of the time I do very well in harder conditions and so it was again in my last IM. Coming out of the water in the lead group, what a fun is that. Fast transition, as I always have and you won’t believe it, I was leading this IM with all these strong girls. I think this situation just gave me to much adrenaline and I made some rookie mistakes, charging away to brake up the group very early in the race is one of them :-) Rookie mistakes in your IM number 44, isn’t that a good joke :-)
Last IRONMAN for me.......