September 2018 - 2
European & Dutch Champion Long Distance 2017 and worldrecord: 15 (Fifteen!) times Sub 9 hours
Defended my title at Challenge Almere-Amsterdam Winning a race is easy, well that’s not really true, is it :-)! But what is, is that winning a race after you won last year is very hard. It seems I do well under pressure, as you look back on my career you see that I was able to defend many titles. To just name a couple of races that I won several times and also in consecutive years, IM Cozumel, IM Florida, Challenge Roth, Challenge Wanaka, Challenge Walchsee, IM 70.3 Wiesbaden, IM 70.3 St. Pölten, IM 70.3 Kraichgau, IM Barcelona and now we are adding Challenge Almere to my huge pleasure. Racing in your home country, as I have mentioned many times, is just special. It seems like you always have one gear more then in other races. So I want to quickly take you true my day. Lately I’ve been swimming great in my HUUB sleeveless wetsuit, but as the water temperature had dropped to a chilly 18 degrees, Onko from and HUUB, advised me to swim with my normal HUUB suit, so I did and was happy that I listened to his advise. Our swim was weird, it was for sure a bit to long and way to slow according my planned time schedule. I knew we we’re not doing very well as I was just swimming to relaxed and easy, but with a long distance race the day is long. I remembered myself of this and the slow pace didn’t disturb me any longer, it was a bit of a shocker to see the time once I was on my bike, but well in 2nd position strait away, so just shut up and focus, it’s not always about fast times is it :-)
UPDATE!! Challenge Almere-Amsterdam 1st place! See my whole story in my newsletter!
Ever since IM Maastricht I was curious how my fellow Dutch Girl Els had biked almost 8 minutes faster then me, so my plan was to swim with her, check that box, as I did, then ride with her for the first part to see how her biking skills are. I wasn’t disappointed, she was riding very strong with the tailwind in the first 30 km. or so and soon overtook the leading girl. Once we left the famous Dutch dykes and had a side and head wind, the situation changed slightly and I saw my change very early in the race to get away and get a small gap.