Februari 2018
European & Dutch Champion Long Distance 2017 and worldrecord: 14 (Fourteen!) times Sub 9 hours
Late start this year We have arrived in February and I haven’t raced yet and don’t have a race scheduled soon. Why do I mention this? Well when you have followed me the last couple of years then you know that I always start racing in January and not really take a big winter brake as all others do. After the huge year 2017, with 6 FULL distance races and a ton of Half and Olympic Triathlons, my coach Siri and me decided that I should really give my body a brake to recover and fill up the empty batteries. It’s my intention and dream to have an amazing 2018 with several big highlights (all in Europe) and to be ready for another big year, this rest was just necessary. I strongly believe in my coach, she always knows best and even when I find it hard to see the races starting in the southern hemisphere, my gut feeling tells me it’s ok. I will come out with my race schedule pretty soon. The first race for this year will be IM 70.3 Texas/US, just a first hit out before the European season will start. My partner Per will then race the full IM Texas 3 weeks later as well, but I will not. So much races coming up later, so my coach and me decided to not race an early IM this year and safe it all for the big A goal in Europe.