August 2018 / 2
European & Dutch Champion Long Distance 2017 and worldrecord: 15 (Fifteen!) times Sub 9 hours
IRONMAN MAASTRICHT Don’t even know where to start. I’m normally big mouthed and before the race in Maastricht that wasn’t different, I wanted to win, I wanted to become Dutch Champion and if possible, well then please my course record back as well. What happened, well none off the above that’s for sure. Let me take you true my day, a more real race report this time as I think it will help me to get over the disappointment of a day where almost nothing went as planned. Race morning, the normal 3 hours before the start I eat my breakfast, nothing fancy, just 2 or 3 white toast with some butter any honey. I’m totally calm and feel great until like half a hour before the start. But you know this is IM number 41 so I know how I work and what will happen, so I’ve organized my best friend Joyce to be there for that moment when my nerves get to me. She talk’s to me, holds me and says the exact right words, we have been here several times before, together we handle this better. I look into her calm blue eyes and get myself back under control, my last preps, swimsuit on, swim cap and goggles in my hand, 1 Ultrasports gel and some water and off I am. Everything good so far.7 AM race start, as it’s a Pro women race only, we have the luxury to start first in the “beautiful” waters off the Maas..... Hahahah well beautiful....  it’s a fun and great course but don’t except to see any dolphins or so :-) Until the far turnaround I’m with the later 1st and 3rd girl and we are swimming pretty well, due to a stupid mistake I fall off on the way back and loose precious time. 5th out of the water, it’s kind of what I expected, but the day is long and a lot can happen. Looking forward to a exciting adventure on the bike as this is the first time that I don’t know the bike course, BIG MISTAKE, biggest mistake ever, this pretty fun, but very technical bike course is a shocker when you haven’t checked it out before. After flying out of 1 corner I got more careful, which means slower. After loosing my nutrition bottle twice and yes, you are reading correct turning around twice to pick up my bottle, besides of being careful I was also holding my bottle every bump or uneven surface, means slower as well. Bye this time I was telling myself that this is a great bike course but why the hell didn’t I ride it before hand as I always do?